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My adventures with PHP

Date published: 2020-09-01 14:06:10 — Categories: Tech,Programming

You may have noticed that on my website I added 2 new things: a paste service and file hosting. Those two were made in PHP. But slendi, you may ask, how did you even manage to use the hellish language that is PHP? Well, it is not as complicated as people say. To be honest, is even better than ejs! Give it a try, you won't die as some say...

I first learnt PHP from a website a few years ago just to forget everything. Now I watched a whole 1 hour video explaining the basics of it.

Sure, I might have had some issues with it the first time setting it up but everything from there is really easy to do i.e program in it.

Every blog post of mine finishes with a conclusion so, I think you should learn PHP if you are interested in making basic applications and for making websites.