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Image previews in ranger with ueberzug

Date published: 2020-07-26 16:04:20 — Categories: Tech,Linux

We all like our image previews in our file managers since we know what to pick.

Ranger is a file manager for the terminal and one cool feature of it is that it has image previews, however, they are not enabled by default. So slendi, you may ask, how do you enable image previews in ranger? It is actually quite easy to do! In this post I will tell you what you need to do to enable them!

Ok, let's start by installing ueberzug. On arch-based distros you should be able to use the AUR to install it, for example, with pikaur, you do: pikaur -S python-ueberzug but you can also use pip to install it: sudo pip install ueberzug

With ueberzug installed, now you need to open the rc config file for ranger, which should be at .config/ranger/rc.conf. Search for set preview_images false and replace false with true. After that, search for set preview_images_method w3m and replace w3m with ueberzug. That's all! Now you can go an image and you will see the preview pop up on the right!