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Enchancing your Minecraft experience with Fabric

Date published: 2022-07-09 21:45:46 — Categories: Tech,Operating Systems

Minecraft is an excellent game, you can build, craft, explore and fight monsters. This is all good and all, but there's one small issue: performance.

The famous game is notoriously difficult to run, and for a good reason too: it requires pretty good hardware. There is a solution to this, though: Fabric mods. Minecraft always allowed you to legally reverse engineer the game and modify it to your liking, this has led to the immense community to create a bunch of content. Some content created, besides from gameplay-modifying ones, are performance-focused mods.

In this article, I will teach you how to set up Fabric, install a bunch of mods, so you can get the best experience out of your current hardware!

Let's start off by installing a launcher, I will use PolyMC as it will make our lives easier. On Linux, you can find it as a Flatpak on Flathub, some distributions also offer a package in their repositories. If you use Windows or Mac, you need to go to the download page and get an installer for it, which you can then execute. Make sure you have Java 17 or later as this guide will focus on Minecraft 1.18.2, if you don't have it, you can get it here.

After you launch PolyMC, you will get asked about which language you wish to use and which Java version to use. If your Java installation is not detected, you can manually go to the installation directory, bin and select the "java" executable. You should then be on the main screen.

Time to add a Minecraft account, on the top right you should see a Steve head with the name "Profiles". Click on that and then go to "Manage Accounts...". This will open the account manager, where you can now add your account using an option on the right. Tick the checkbox next to your username, and then you can close the window.

Time to create an instance, click on "Add instance", select 1.18.2 as the Minecraft version, and on the bottom right where it says "Mod Loader", you need to select "Fabric". The instance should then be created. On the right pane, click "Edit instance". A window should open up. Go to "Mods" and click "Download mods". You are looking for those mods on both Curseforge and Modrinth:

I also have some quality of life mods that don't really affect performance that you can use:

After you're done, you can press the "Launch" button and your game should run much smoother than vanilla!